As we work with all the funeral directors in the industry, we are unable to recommend any one funeral director. However, from our experience, families usually choose a funeral director within 3 miles of their own location.
Currently we do not offer funeral plans. However, if you plan to have a burial in the future, you can pre-purchase a burial plot for yourself or your family. For information on available burial option please visit burial option on our website or contact us.

Chapel services

Our multi-faith hall/ chapel can accommodate approximately 150 seated comfortably and few hundred standing.
If you are recently bereaved, your first point of contact would be your funeral director. If you let your funeral director know about your wish to organise your loved one’s funeral at Kemnal Park, they will liaise with us to organise a date for your service that suits us all.
Our modern chapel is equipped with state of the art audio-visual system.
For our premium cremation service, you can have up to three songs played and a static photograph.
For our prestige cremation service, you can have up to five songs played and a visual tribute containing up to fifty photographs.
If you let us know the name of the songs, artist, album and version (if applicable), we will be able to source it for you. If you wish to play something that you or the family members have recorded, we will need the music file in .wav format, to be able to play in our system.
We will need digital copies of your photos in .jpeg format. You can either send it to us on a memory stick or email them to us.
In order to ensure all the files play flawlessly on our system, we will need your choice of music and selection of photos minimum 3 working days prior to the service. You can send your music and photos to music@kemnalpark.org
If you wish to web-stream your service for those who are not able to attend the service, you will need to let us know minimum 3 working days prior to the service day. We will email you the Link and Password along with a guide so that you can send them to your friends and family who you wish to give access to the service. To view the service live, the viewer will need a Laptop or PC. Unfortunately our streaming system is currently not mobile device friendly
We currently do not charge for the web streaming service on the static camera within the hall.
Unfortunately we are currently not able to offer this service. However you are most welcome to bring your own camera or hire a videographer to record your service.


Yes you can buy any of our burial plots for future use. All our burial plots are available for different length of lease starting from 25 years up to ‘for the life of the park’. For details or for any further assistance please contact us, one of the member of our team will be happy to help you.
If the burial plot needs to be used immediately, you will have to pay for the burial in full before any interment takes place.
If you are planning for the future, we do offer three, six or eight instalments over 12 months. However, if situation demands using the burial plot you have reserved, you will have to clear the payment in full before using the grave.
If you are recently bereaved and buying a grave to use immediately, our prices will include a dig fee.
Our prices for the pre-purchase graves is exclusive of dig fee. A dig fee will be charged at the time of using the grave.
Once you have purchased a burial plot or memorial at Kemnal Park, you will be supplied with a Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial and a set of terms and conditions.
The Deed of Grant of Exclusive Right of Burial is an official document which confirms with the purchaser their right to burial within a defined grave space within the cemetery. However this document does not give you the ownership of the land itself, which remains the property of Kemnal Park.
Yes you can. In order to do so, you’ll need to write to us informing us of all the changes. As we will need to re-issue a new deed there will be an additional admin fee.
Should you wish to renew the lease, please contact us and we will assist you with the procedure.
Upon the completion of the lease term you will be losing your ‘Exclusive Right of Burial’. Any marker on the grave or memorial will be removed and it will be reclaimed by Kemnal Park and will be made available to others.
Each grave can hold up to two full burials and 6 sets of cremated remains.


You can scatter or bury your loved ones ashes at Kemnal Park. If your loved one was not cremated at Kemnal Park we will need to have a copy of the cremation certificate.
Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer this service.