Dealing with the grieving relatives, making the arrangements on behalf of a family and working to deadlines, as well as carrying out the service and burial itself; we understand that you are under constant pressure to perform an immaculate service.
At Kemnal Park, we recognise that building a trusting relationship with our Funeral Director partners is as important as the relationship you hold with your customers. This can only be achieved through working in continual partnership to create the highest standard of service possible together.
Our trained team at Kemnal will be pleased to assist with any arrangements that are required and will endeavour to make sure every little detail is carried out as per your requirements. We intend to be flexible and accommodating, enabling an experience beyond expectation. Our goal is to provide both you and your customers an unsurpassed experience.
We encourage you to advise the relatives to visit our park in advance of the service, to make sure that every last detail is to their expectation. It is best to call and make an appointment for this visit to take place, in order that we may provide a more personal service.

Your visit at Kemnal Park

While the service is taking place, a lounge area is available for Funeral Directors with light refreshments being provided free of charge.
If you are not familiar with Kemnal Park, we strongly encourage you to also arrange a visit and our team will be happy to show you around. We also welcome your feedback on all aspects of our park and its propositions and will be glad to discuss any ways in which you feel we can improve the service for both you and your clients.


A wide-array of monuments are available through our nominated memorial provider. Should you wish to provide a memorial through a provider of your choice; a permit will need to be applied for in advance of the memorial being installed. In addition, any memorial provider is required to be a member of the National Association of Memorial Masons (please see our terms and conditions).

Funeral service

A member of staff will attend each service and will be able to offer assistance.

Burial service

The grave will be prepared to the specification you have provided, and will be dressed in the traditional green matting. A container of soil will be placed by the grave in readiness, should the mourners wish to throw a symbolic handful onto the coffin.
Once the service has taken place and the mourners have departed, our staff will fill the grave and place any flowers neatly upon it. Should a family wish to partake in the filling of the grave, this must be advised in advance and the necessary arrangements will be made.
All new graves will naturally subside during the settling period. Our ground staff will ‘top up’ graves regularly, to ensure the best possible presentation.

Cremation service

On the day of the Cremation Service, once the service concludes, the deceased is transported in an unmarked hearse to a licensed, named crematorium, where the cremation takes place. Working with your chosen Funeral Director, we will ensure the ashes are returned to the family, funeral director or stored per your wishes.

Music and photographs for the service

Families can use music and photographs in the service. Should families wish to do so please send the choice of music and selection of photos to us three days prior to the day of the service. For any enquiry regarding music and photos please email us on

Kemnal Park is funded through a consortium of investors ranging from institutions to individuals. However, it is worth noting that none of our shareholders are Funeral Directors, therefore the Cemetery represents an offering for the entire Funeral Service trade without any form of competitive conflict.